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Kids Gotta Play has 20 years experience installing and servicing swing sets. The purchase of a swing set from Kids Gotta Play is a valuable investment, for this reason we offer a variety of customer care programs to ensure the life and maintain the beauty of your system.

Kids Gotta Play offers a full service maintenance programs.

Basic Package

  • Tighten all hardware
  • Inspect swing set for any warranty issues

Supreme Package

  • First Visit
    • Clean swing set
    • Clean rungs and all vinyl components
  • Second Visit
    • Re-Stain swing set
    • Tighten all hardware
    • Inspect swing set for any warranty issues

If you are interested in this service, please click for more information.

At the beginning of each season check: nuts, bolts and acorn nuts and tighten as needed. Inspect swing seats, swing hangers, chains, ladders, slides, ropes and wood components for signs of deterioration or sharp edges and replace if necessary. Spot sand any areas that are cracking or splintering. Check to make sure all ropes (Rope Ladder and Ramp Rope) are tight with no slack that can be overlapping on itself. Check to make sure that there are no gaps between the slide bed and the slide bolts. Verify that all suspended items are secured (ropes and chains). Grease the tire swing swivel. Clean all plastic parts (slides, bubble panels, etc.) with an organic dishwashing detergent and all vinyl coated parts (rungs, brackets, etc.) with a bathroom tile cleaner.

To maintain the beauty, we recommend you seal your swing set after the first year, then as needed. You may also want to spot sand areas before sealing. We also recommend using a high-quality product to treat your redwood swing set. Be sure the sealant you select is a transparent water based non-toxic, and child safe product. For your convenience we carry recommended stains (by the gallon) at our stores.

We recommend you replace the ropes every 2 years or as needed. These are normal wearing items which will fade over time.

Checking is the result of the natural release of water from the wood. Checking may appear as small hairline openings running along a timber. These openings may contract or expand with changes in climate. Affected pieces are not considered replaceable under the warranty unless it impairs the structural integrity of the product.


Kids Gotta Play partners with the industry leaders and provides the best warranty in the industry. Our products are guaranteed for replacement parts if deemed defective by the manufacturer and covered by warranty. Click here to review our warranty information.

Replacement parts and accessories

We offer a complete line of parts and accessories for products we sell.

Move / Reassembly of a Residential Play Systems $100 + Regular Installation Price
Service Call
Move in Yard / Disassemble of Play System for Movers
Warranty labor or Add-on products (monkey bars, penthouse etc)
Call for quote.
Delivery fee includes up to 60 miles from warehouse. $99.00 Delivery fee plus $2.00 per mile over 60 miles.
Disposal and removal of a Residential Play System – Small Metal or Wood Sets Call for quote.