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Basketball Hoops

Alright superstar, are you and your family ready to get serious about the game? Do you want to have the best hoop in town? Then you need a basketball goal from Goalrilla or Goalsetter. Do you know how we know it is the greatest? Because it’s not uncommon for a professional athlete to stop by our showroom and choose one for their own homes.


Goalsetter & Goalrilla Hoops

These American made hoops are individually manufactured to the high standards the descriminating basketball player demands. Goalrilla and Goalsetter hoops are strong enough to last year round in the rough Michigan elements.  From the patented offset pole to the unique hand crank system Goalrilla & Goalsetter is unparalleled when it comes to being #1!

At Kids Gotta Play we make shopping for that perfect basketball goal easy.  You’ll not only be able to shoot on all of our display hoops, you’ll have the undivided attention of one of our expert staff to help with the hoop that best fits your requirements.  If getting the best value for your money is as important to you as it is to us then come check them out in person at our showroom. And don’t be afraid to break out a game of one-on-one while you’re there!