How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Basketball Court in Your Yard

A basketball court in your backyard is easy when you take the right steps.There is a huge difference between watching basketball and playing basketball.

Instead of thinking about the sport, you are actually playing it. Nothing compares to the feeling of the ball in your hands, the situational awareness of your team and your opponents around you, and the distance to the hoop. 

Similarly, there is a big difference between playing at a public basketball court and playing basketball in your own backyard. You can play at just about any time you choose and you can have the court you have always wanted for you and your family. Ready to build your own home basketball court?

Keep reading for our tips on how to build the ultimate home basketball court. 

1. Set the Size and Select the Location for Your Basketball Court

Scout your property for a space that is open and as flat as possible. A concrete base for your court is typically the best option for residential areas. Concrete is a top choice for its longevity and durability - you won’t have to do much maintenance for your concrete court to last for years. Plan to level the area you will fill with concrete with your backyard. 

Make sure to factor in excavation or landscaping costs into your project plan. A full-size, regulation basketball court will be 28m by 15m. Consider a half-court to fit more comfortably into your yard.

2. Level the Playing Field (or Ground)

Before you can level the playing field of the basketball competition, you need to level the ground for the court. Plan to excavate up to 117 mm below the standard surface of your yard to make room for your concrete slab and sports surfacing. 

Note: make sure to check with your local zoning regulations and pull any necessary permits.

3. Purchase Your Hoop and Basketball Court Surface Materials

You will be installing your basketball hoop while you pour the concrete. Since the installation and pour need to happen at the same time, make sure to order the hoop early. Make sure to consider the hoop’s overhang so you can plan the spacing of court lines and ensure all electrical power lines will be out of the way. Getting sports surfacing material to coat the top of your court will help it last and your family to have the best playing experience. 

4. Time to Pour the Concrete

Gather, prepare, and pour a 100mm slab of concrete to match your court design measurements. It is important to get this step right, so consider a professional to help with sourcing the materials, pouring, and finishing your concrete. Make sure to schedule your pour for a time when you will have clear weather for 72 hours. It is typically easiest to install your hoop at the same time. 

5. Install Your Basketball Hoop

Time for the last major step - installing your basketball hoop. You will have instructions that come with your basketball hoop. Make sure to follow these instructions closely. Try to have a crew with you to help everything come together correctly. Somewhere between three and five workers should be enough. 

Get the Basketball Hoop that is Right for Your Family

Getting your yard ready, level, and prepped for the pour will take time. Make sure to plan for the hoop installation by ordering your hoop early in your project timeline. To get the best basketball hoop, check out the stock at Kids Gotta Play. Our collection of Goalsetter and Gorilla will provide you with some of the best options for your family to have a home basketball court. Give our team a call today to discuss your needs. 

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