How to Fit a Pool into Your Dream Backyard

A backyard pool is possible, even if you have a playset there already.Do you have a small backyard?

Great things can come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t have an acre of land behind your house, you can still fill it with fun things for your family, like a play system and a pool. Have you considered an in-ground pool in your backyard? It is possible! We will go through some important things to consider while checking if your property is right for a swimming pool. 

Where should a swimming pool be placed? Is it better for a pool to be in the sun or the shade?

Figuring out where everything will go is a common struggle for people. This issue can get even worse when it comes to bigger changes, like having a pool installed in your backyard. Homeowners may fear their backyard isn’t laid out right or is too small to fit a pool. Fortunately, most pools come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get one that works for your property. Having your surveyor’s report handy can help speed up the process. 

Let’s go over some other factors that may impact having a pool in your backyard.

1. Property Line Settings

Neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states have different regulations governing property. There are some neighborhoods that have more restrictive policies than others. Make sure to investigate these policies, so you won’t be surprised during or even after construction.

2. Underground Utilities

You can’t know about all the things you can’t see. It is an important step to have your utility company come out to inspect and mark your property for all underground utilities including your septic system. Depending on where things are underground, the depth and shape of your pool may need to change.

3. Above Ground Utilities

It isn’t just what is underground that matters. Power lines, utility poles, and other overhead lines may also impact your pool placement. Fiberglass pools come in one piece, so anything overhead will be a problem. Additionally, having a powerline running above a body of water is an electrical hazard. 

Get Backyard Play Systems to Work Around Your Planned Backyard Pool

You can have a backyard pool no matter the size or situation in your backyard. This project will take planning, but it is possible. Additionally, getting your pool to fit around your existing play systems or swing sets is also possible. If you want to find a Rainbow play system or other playground equipment that will work for you, give the team at Kids Gotta Play a call today to find the right one for you!

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