How to Choose a Quality Outdoor Basketball Backboard

A home has a portable basketball system in the middle of the driveway.

Summer is a great time for fun in the sun. Get your kids out of the house and have fun with a basketball backboard at your home. Shooting hoops at home is a great way for you and your family (plus their friends) to get some exercise and challenge each other. But with all of the options out there, it can be tough to pick out an outdoor basketball hoop that gives you the best bang for your buck. 

Getting started with your search for the right basketball hoop, rim, backboard, and net can be overwhelming. How expensive is too expensive? Is there an ideal height for a kids' basketball hoop? Should I install an in-ground hoop or purchase a portable one? Keep reading to see how to pick the best basketball hoop for your home.

Where Do Your Plan On Playing Basketball?

The first step is to decide where you want to put your basketball hoop. Make sure to choose an area with a lot of room, whether that be your driveway, your street, or if you're lucky, a backyard basketball court. The flatter the area, the better.

For the last one, make sure your driveway doesn't slope, or you will have an extra challenge while playing! No matter where you put it, make sure to keep safety in mind.

Consider the Different Types of Basketball Mounts

basketball backboard and hoop system

Now that you know where you will put your new basketball hoop, figure out how you will mount it. Each type has its unique benefits, whether you're looking for a portable basketball hoop that's easy to move or an in-ground basketball hoop that has maximum strength and stability. Consider what would work best for your family while you're shopping for your new hoop!

  • In-Ground Basketball Hoops: These are the most stable type of basketball hoop mountings. A contractor will cement these stands into the ground, ensuring long-lasting stability and safety for your kids. This setup is great if you have no plans for moving and you know you will want it for years to come. Most in-ground basketball hoops will also have an adjustable height scale to suit your children's age or needs.

  • Mounted Backboards: Wall-mounted hoops attach to a structure you already have, such as an exterior wall or garage. This type is much easier to install than an in-ground hoop, although hiring a professional to install a mounted backboard is never a bad idea. However, these types of hoops are not height adjustable, something to note if you have young kids who are still growing!

  • Portable Basketball Hoops: Bring the game where you need it to be! Stand-alone, portable basketball hoops move around with ease to different parts of your property. Plus, you can take them with you if you plan on moving, there's no need to worry about leaving an expensive hoop behind! One thing to note, the bases of these portable hoops can be different sizes and will need to be weighed down with water, sand, weights, etc. Most of these systems are also height adjustable, perfect for young kids!

Choosing the Right Basketball Backboard Material for Your Outdoor Court

Outdoor basketball hoop, net, and backboard

Your last big step is choosing the proper backboard for your new basketball hoop. The kind of backboard material you decide on will impact how the game gets played! The following is the typical selection of materials you'll see for backboards that are best for outdoor basketball hoops:

  • Polycarbonate: This type of backboard is durable and made for the outdoors. Weather will least affect this type of backboard. 

  • Acrylic: These have the look of a glass backboard, but are less expensive and much more lightweight. The lightweight nature of this material means you won't need to have as much support for its base. The bounce of this will be similar to the polycarbonate material.

  • Tempered Glass: This is the type of backboard that pros use to play. Tempered glass is the type of material you will find in most basketball gyms around the world. 

Additionally, backboards come in all different sizes! Most options you will find are 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. For your aspiring college athlete, NBA, or WNBA star, a regulation-sized backboard is 72 inches.

However, a backboard that big can take up a lot of space. A 60-inch backboard is perfect for all skill levels and the most popular choice for residential use. If you're low on space, 54-inch backboards are great for smaller driveways that can't accommodate a huge basketball hoop!

Getting the Perfect Basketball System for Your Home

family playing basketball in their driveway

If you follow the options above, you should have a good starting place for your home basketball system. You can be confident that your kids can have all the fun of a gym right at home.

Kids Gotta Play is all about creating fun, active play for little ones and families to enjoy. When it comes to the best basketball hoops for your driveway, our Goalsetter and Gorilla in-ground basketball hoops are sure to give your family a ton of fun for years to come.

Our high-quality basketball hoops are regulation height and durable for all of Michigan's elements. They are also height adjustable so your family can play for years to come! Each hoop has the toughest warranties available, meaning that you'll get to enjoy your new basketball hoop for a lifetime.

No matter your preferences for your family's new basketball hoop, Kids Gotta Play has the perfect one for your court. Read more about the differences between all of the hoops we carry below.

Our GoalSetter Hoops

Goalsetter is a leading brand in basketball hoops and accessories. They have been innovating the way we play basketball at home since 1991. Their in-ground, height-adjustable, regulation-size basketball hoop systems have been used in both residential and institutional settings. Here at Kids Gotta Play, we offer two of their best-selling hoop series: the Goalsetter Signature Series Hoops and Extreme Series Hoops.

Goalsetter Signature Series Hoop

Signature Series

  • Height Adjustable: The Goalsetter Signature Series has a unique Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism that lets you change the rim height anywhere from 6 feet to 10 feet with ease.

  • Backboard: Goalsetter's hoops also come with two options for backboard material: tempered glass and acrylic. Additionally, you can pick your preferred backboard size: 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.

  • Rim Style: There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to rims, either! When creating the perfect basketball hoop for your home, you can pick a breakaway rim, single-ring static, rim, double-ring static rim, or a collegiate breakaway rim. Choose the best one for you and your kids!

  • Installation: These hoops from Goalsetter in-ground basketball hoops feature a unique Ground Anchor Hinge System that enables hassle-free installation without the use of a ladder.

  • Additional Information: Goalsetter uses a corrosion-resistant paint process that ensures your new hoop is weather resistant. The Signature Series minimizes shaking with an off-set 5" square one-piece steel pole with seven-gauge (3/16") wall thickness. This also reduces wear and tear on the system's joints. This also provides a three-foot extension from the wall to the front of the backboard. Along with their easy assembly process, Goalsetter hoops never fail to delight.

Goalsetter Extreme Series basketball hoop

Extreme Series

  • Height Adjustable: The Goalsetter Extreme Series hoop is easily adjustable, featuring an External Tension Height Adjustment Mechanism that can raise and lower the rim from 6' 8" to 10'.

  • Backboard: The Extreme Series similarly comes with two options for backboard material: tempered glass backboards and acrylic backboards. They also offer four different-sized backboards, unlike the Signature Series: 48 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.

  • Rim Style: These hoops feature only two types of rims: a breakaway rim or a collegiate breakaway rim.

  • Installation: Goalsetter hoops all feature Goalsetter's unique Ground Anchor Hinge System for easy, in-ground installation without the use of a ladder.

  • Additional Information: Goalsetter uses a corrosion-resistant paint process that ensures your new hoop is weather resistant. The Extreme Series reduces shakiness with a straight 6" square one-piece steel pole with seven-gauge (3/16") wall thickness. This also minimizes wear and tear on the system's joints. These hoops also extend four feet from the wall to the front of the backboard.

Our Goalrilla Hoops

We also carry Goalrilla's state-of-the-art basketball hoops. These in-ground basketball hoops perform like the hoops used in the NCAA college basketball and NBA games. With more options and more variety in cost, Goalrilla hoops could be the perfect choice for you!

Goalrilla CV Series basketball hoop

CV Series

  • Height Adjustable: Goalrilla CV Series hoops are height adjustable; the powder-coated steel pole can be adjusted from 7.5' to 10' with an all-steel actuator.

  • Backboard: These hoops feature a Clear View tempered glass backboard as well as three different-sized backboards: 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.

  • Rim Style: These hoops feature a heavy-weight, pro-style breakaway rim for maximum safety.

  • Installation: The CV Series has a more involved installation process. The hoop anchor needs to be installed in concrete, but you have the option to unbolt it should you move from your home.

  • Additional Information: These hoops are top-of-the-line. From a consistent rebound across the glass backboard surface, to its capability of handling over 1000lbs of vertical torque to the rim, to its powder-coating for ultimate rust and UV protection, these Goalrilla CV Series hoops will keep you playing for years to come.

Goalrilla DC Series basketball hoop

DC Series

This series just features one hoop: the DC72EI Hoop

  • Height Adjustable: The Goalrilla DC72EI hoop can be easily adjusted from 7.5’ to 10’.

  • Backboard: This hoop features a regulation-size 72-inch, tempered glass backboard supported by dual-welded board arms.

  • Rim Style: This hoop has a patented heavy-weight flex rim. The DC72E1's rim is directly anchored to the steel structure, allowing it to support over twice as much force as typical rims.

  • Installation: Similar to the CV Series, the DC72EI basketball system does require more to its installation process. The hoop anchor needs to be installed in concrete, but you have the option to unbolt it and bring it with you should you move.

  • Additional Information: If you are looking for strength, durability, and professional-grade technology, this is the hoop for you. Instead of relying on the board and frame to absorb vertical forces during play, this hoop transfers that force using a Direct Connection to the 4” steel beam. While it is the most expensive of the basketball hoops we carry, it's because of its amazing features that would make any NBA player jealous.

Goalrilla GS Series basketball hoop

GS Series

  • Height Adjustable: Goalrilla GS Series hoops can have their height adjusted from 7.5' to 10'.

  • Backboard: The GS Series features a 3/8" thick tempered glass backboard and comes in three different sizes: 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.

  • Rim Style: These hoops feature a medium-weight to heavy-weight breakaway rim for maximum safety.

  • Installation: Like Goalrilla's other hoops, the GS Series hoop anchor is installed in concrete, but has the ability to be unbolted.

  • Additional Information: While this Series is the most budget-friendly option we offer, don't think that this hoop can't handle the heat! Goalrilla's GS Series basketball systems are wildly popular for a reason. The GS Series delivers all of the durability and playability we've come to expect from Goalrilla hoops.

When it comes to the best basketball hoops on the market, we've got you covered!

Picking out a basketball hoop that will last you years is no easy feat. Whether you are looking for a hoop that can handle dunks day in and day out, or a hoop that won't send three-pointers to the other side of the house, Kids Gotta Play has plenty of options for you!

We don't just do hoops! Customize your home basketball court

With our Snapsports Courts, we can personalize your home court with your favorite team's colors and logos or create a multi-sport court with something for the whole family. Ask for details.

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