Ninja Warrior: Build Your Child's Dream Playscape

Are you or your kids a fan of American Ninja Warrior? The show has captured the hearts and imagination of countless individuals, encouraging them to get in shape and stay body positive. Obstacle courses like those showcased on the show are a great example of how fitness activities can be fun, exciting and exhilarating. 

It’s possible your kids have already begged you to set up an obstacle course like the one displayed on the show using playground equipment. Here are some great ideas of how you can replicate the fun of Ninja Warrior in your own backyard. 

Utilize A Large Play System 

One of the easiest ways to set up a ninja warrior course in your backyard is to use a large play system. This can include a variety of different obstacles as part of the complete setup. For instance, this could include a rope climb, a rope ladder and a slide all built into one system. If you have a playscape like this, you can easily lay out a course for the kids to follow around it. Or, you can use the play system as a grand finale with various other possibilities to start out the course. 

Monkey Bars 

If you’re not going to set up a full play system in your backyard, then you can think about adding monkey bars to your already designed play area. This playground equipment is easy to install and is the perfect addition to any backyard course. When you are setting up a monkey bar set, make sure that you think about the height. It needs to be small enough that it’s safe if they fall off but tall enough where their feet don’t touch the ground. If you are worried about falls, consider adding mats underneath the monkey bars for protection. If you’re looking to make things more interesting, you can set up a pool underneath the monkey bars that they can fall into.

Rope Swing 

Another classic choice that’s easy to set up outdoors is a rope swing. If you have a tree in your garden you can tie the rope to one of the sturdier branches. Alternatively, a rope swing will often be included in one of the larger play systems that we mentioned above. 

Stepping Stones

A key element of any ninja course is jumping from one platform to the next. This is easy to set up using foam mats in your yard or various different materials that you might have in your home. 

Army Crawls 

Finally, you could think about including army crawls as part of your obstacle course. Army crawls can be created using plastic tunnels for purchase online. Alternatively, you might have pool noodles that you use in your swimming pools. Pool noodles can be bent in different shapes to create obstacles that kids need to climb under. You can also challenge them to get through in different ways from a bear crawl to a crab walk. Lay out the hoops in lots of creative ways to keep the kids entertained. 

Bring Ninja Warrior to Your Backyard with Kids Gotta Play

Test your skills and bring a smile to your children’s face when you build the ultimate Ninja Warrior course. Whether you’re looking to find a fun way to bond with your kids or you want an inclusive way for everyone to join in on the course, Kids Gotta Play has you covered.

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