Prep Your Backyard: How to Keep Your Outdoor Playground Safe

A playground can be a place for countless hours of play and imagination for your children and their friends. By installing a playground, your backyard can become the coolest spot in the neighborhood. Kids will experience the magic of going to a neighborhood park without ever leaving the backyard.

Before you ever buy your playset, there are preparations you should make for your backyard. Preparing your lawn for a playset is crucial to ensure your child’s safety and the equipment's longevity. We’ve compiled a list of steps you should take to prepare your yard for the installation of a playset. 

By following these steps, you’ll achieve a smooth installation process and a reliable playset that lasts for years to come. To learn more about our playset options and installation services, contact Kids Gotta Play online or call us at (800) 955-PLAY.

Select the Right Area

Selecting the right area is probably the most crucial aspect of planning to install a playset. An ideal spot will be free of obstacles like trees, roots, large rocks, tree stumps, etc. The right space will also have no contact with fences or low-hanging branches. Be sure to fill in any holes in the ground as well. 

If your backyard is on a slope, you’ll need to level the ground with help from a professional. Level ground is crucial because sloping could hinder the integrity of the playset. 

Good water drainage is another essential aspect. Proper drainage avoids flooding of the area. Standing water in a playground can be a hazard for kids and threaten the structural integrity of the playset. 

The best way to avoid accidents is by looking for potential safety concerns and anticipating them in advance. A professional landscaper can help you select the perfect area in your backyard and determine what changes may need to be made prior to installation.

Choose the Right Playset

First, set your budget and decide what features are non-negotiable—your kids can be a part of this process if you feel inclined. Different playsets allow different benefits for kids and encourage an active lifestyle with plenty of outdoor time. 

Some aspects of your playset that are important to consider are: 

  • Size 
  • Material
  • Amenities
  • Playground surface materials

Prepare the Area Properly

Preparing the area for the playground is essential. Don’t skip this step, or your playset could become a safety hazard for your children. To properly prepare the site, you’ll want to eliminate any preexisting obstacles and level the ground, as mentioned earlier. 

Mow and clean the site thoroughly before beginning the installation so you’ll have a clear area to work with at the start. Decide in advance how big you’d like the playground area to be, then create a six-foot border around that to ensure plenty of space. 

Proper Installation

The poles of the play structure need to be installed deep enough into the ground to avoid potential disasters. Review the manufacturer’s recommendation for doing so. The playset must be at least six feet away from other items like fences, trees, houses, sheds, and other playsets. A swing set will need extra room. 

During installation, you’ll need to ensure that all of the playset pieces are assembled correctly to the manufacturer’s standards. Double-check that all screws, bolts, and hinges are extra tight. 

Extra Saftey Measures

After installation, you can still take steps to feel confident that your playset is safe for your children. Inspect the playset periodically to ensure it retains its safety for kids. Look for loose bolts, anchors, or other signs of wear to the structure itself.

You’ll want to inspect the surrounding areas to make sure your kids are in a safe environment. Look for any bug's nests, fallen branches, thorns, or holes in the ground.

Finally, for good measure, establish safety rules for your kids during playtime on the equipment. Some examples of good safety rules include: using equipment properly, no rough play, and wearing close-toed shoes.

Make Playtime Unforgettable with Kids Gotta Play

A playset is more than some equipment; It’s a launchpad for the imagination to run wild and for unforgettable memories to be made. After creating a plan based on what kind of playset you want and how to prepare your backyard, you’ll be able to start immediately making your kid’s dreams come true. These simple guidelines can simplify the process and ensure the safety of your children during playground time.

At Kids Gotta Play, we offer a variety of play equipment for kids of all ages. Our playsets are high-quality and built to last for years to come. Kids Gotta Play is Metro Detroit’s number-one pick for the highest-quality and safest playsets. 

To learn more about installing a playset in your backyard, call us today at (800) 955-PLAY.

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