Why Professionally Built Play Structures are Better than Build-It-Yourself Systems

A professional puts together a playground structure.For a kid, there's not a lot that can beat a playset. With swings that make your heart soar, slides that make your stomach do backflips, and hours of imaginative games, a playset is the ultimate gift for your child. You probably already know this; otherwise, you wouldn't have been reading this article. Many people wonder whether they should try and do a DIY playset project or if they should instead opt for buying a professionally built one. There are a few things to consider when comparing the two with each other.

This article will go through a few reasons why professionally built play structures are a better option than build-it-yourself systems.

#1 Safety

The problem with a self-built playset is that the safety of the structure might be compromised. Even though it may look sufficient, betting your child's safety on the integrity of the playset might not be worth it. Professional builders have regulations they need to adhere to when building playsets, ensuring your child is safe at all times while playing their hearts out.

#2 Time Consumption

Building your own playset may take up a lot of unnecessary time - it may feel like it will take you two days over the weekend. Still, halfway in, you'll notice the magnitude of effort that actually needs to be invested in making it a safe and user-friendly structure for your child. Many projects like these never get completed at the end, which is why buying a ready-built playset will save you loads of time and ensure you'll still be able to give your child the playset they wanted.

#3 Warranties from Manufacturers

If you were to build a playset yourself, the onus would fall on you to maintain it and also fix it were anything to happen, requiring even more time and money from your side. A playset bought from a manufacturer will be accompanied by a warranty that will allow you to have it fixed for free should anything break or need maintenance and repairs, saving you loads of time and stress.

#4 Added Features

Professionally built playsets usually have a lot of added features like fireman poles, rock climbing walls, and built-in gadgets. Most DIY playsets have the necessities, like the swings and the slide, but don't have these fun accessories seeing as the average person doesn't have access to these kinds of features. These accessories can make a major difference in your child's experience with their backyard play system and should definitely be considered when opting for a professionally built playset.

#5 Quality

The thing about a self-built play system is that the quality never comes near a professionally built one - this has nothing to do with the handy dad who made the playset, but rather the industrial equipment used by professional builders when building one. This equipment ensures that the set's integrity is of the highest quality and will last for years to come, compared to a DIY set that may start to wear and tear after a year or two.

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