Jumpstart Your Summer With These Trampoline Games

trampoline games

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than by jumping around on a trampoline. Trampolines aren't just for bouncing—they're also perfect for playing games. Whether you're a kid or an adult, trampoline games are a fun way to get some exercise, improve your coordination, and have a blast. In this article, we'll introduce you to five exciting trampoline games that are sure to jumpstart your summer.

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1. Lava Balls

Lava Balls is a classic trampoline game that's easy to learn for kids of all ages. To play, you'll need a few balls that are soft, like foam or beach balls, to serve as the lava balls. The goal of the game is to avoid touching the lava balls at any cost.

To start, one person is chosen to be the lava monster, who will throw the balls at the other players. The other players must jump around on the trampoline, trying to avoid being touched by the “lava.” If a player is hit, they must sit down on the trampoline and become the lava monsters' minions. They can’t stand, but they can pick up balls and help try to get the other players out. The last player standing wins the game.


2. Dead Man

Dead Man is another classic trampoline game that's easy to learn, and it doesn’t require any additional equipment. To play, one person is chosen to be the "dead man." They stand in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed while the other players chant, “Dead mean, dead man come alive. Come alive on the count of five.” 

While the players count to five, they can move anywhere on the trampoline to get away from the dead man. When the count of five is up, the dead man walks around on the trampoline with their eyes closed and tries to tag all of the other players. The last person standing wins! The game continues until everyone has had a turn being the "dead man." 


3. Crack the Egg

Crack the Egg is a game that's perfect for kids of all ages. To play, one person is chosen to be the "egg." They curl up into a ball in the middle of the trampoline and hold their legs as tight as they can. The other players jump around them, trying to make them "crack," or let go of their legs.


4. Ninja

Players must say "3, 2, 1, Ninja!" to initiate the game. After this, they should jump into the air and create an impressive pose as soon as they land. The goal of the game is for each player to eliminate all other players by touching one of their four body parts—arms and legs—until they have no functioning limbs left. Players must use strategy and skill to outsmart their opponents in order to win.

Playing this game requires players to stand in a circle and take turns. The players then make one movement trying to hit another person's arm or leg in an attempt to tag the limb out of play. The players being targeted can have one move in response to avoid the hit.

When an attacking player's arm is touched in the game, they need to keep it behind their back as it is out of play. After someone has touched a single leg, players must stand on the remaining one that's still in play.

When both arms and legs have been taken out of play, the player is eliminated. The winner is whoever is left standing after all other players get eliminated from the game.

5. Steamroller

Steamroller is a trampoline game that's all about teamwork. To play, two players lie flat on their stomachs on opposite sides of the trampoline, with their arms and legs spread out. The other players must jump over them, trying to avoid touching them.

The game continues until both "steamrollers" have tagged all of the players. This game is a lot of fun and can be a great way to build teamwork and coordination skills.

Trampoline Saftey Tips

While trampoline games are a lot of fun, it's important to remember that trampolines can also be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some tips to help keep you safe while playing trampoline games:

  • Always have adult supervision when playing on a trampoline.
  • Ensure the trampoline is set up on a level surface and securely anchored.
  • Always use a safety net and padding to help prevent injuries.

Invest in a Trampoline For Fun in Summer & Beyond

Trampoline games are a fun and exciting way to enjoy the summer weather. Whether you're playing Lava Balls, Dead Man, Crack the Egg, Steamroller, or Ninja, trampolines are a great way to get some exercise, improve your coordination, and have a blast. 

Just remember to always put safety first and follow the tips above to help prevent injuries. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and jumpstart your summer with these exciting trampoline games.


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